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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

JANGAN minum SUSU dan .....

Entry malam ni pun berkaitan dengan JANGAN...Tapi jgn salah paham plak bila baca tajuk tu..Bukan maksud cik comey jangan minum susu tau..Baca entry ni kasi abis dulu yea..hiihii..

Disebabkan skrg ni cik comel mengamalkan diet minum susu...Jadi nak share beberapa info tentang apa yang TAK BOLEH dimakan dengan susu...

Sebelum tu nak mitak maaf  sbb artikel di bawah ni adalah artikel copy-paste dari website LookChem sahaja... Cik comey malas x translate pun.......Sekadar perkongsian ilmu....

What Food Can't Be Eaten with Milk Together?
Nearly all of us know that milk contains abundant nutrition and is very beneficial for human health. So many people have the habit of drinking a glass of milk every morning. However, we should pay attention that some kinds of food are not appropriate to be eaten with milk together, otherwise, it may bring some adverse effects on your body. Following are some typical examples of these foods:

First, orange and milk
It is inappropriate to eat orange about one hour before or after drinking milk. Because once the protein in milk meets with the tartaric acid in orange and interact with each other, the solidification will occur, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of milk. What's more, during this period, it is also improper to eat other acidic fruits.

Second, fruit juice and milk
80% of the protein in milk is casein. When the PH of milk is below 4.6, a lot of casein will agglutinate and precipitate, which will make it difficult to digest and absorb by the body. What's worse, it may lead to indigestion or diarrhea. As a result, it is inappropriate to add acidic drinks such as fruit juice in milk.

Third, sugar and milk
Milk contains lysine. Under the heating condition, lysine will react with fructose, and produce a toxic substance called as fructose-based lysine, which is harmful to the human body. So do not add sugar in the boiled fresh milk. Wait until the milk cools down and then add the sugar in.

Fourth, chocolate and milk
Milk contains a lot of protein and calcium, while chocolate contains oxalic acid. Eating these two substances together will produce a water-insoluble substance called as calcium oxalate, which will greatly affect the absorption of calcium. What's worse, it may cause dry hair, diarrhea, slow growth and so on.

Fifth, medicine and milk
Some people like to drink milk instead of plain boiled water when taking in medicine. In fact, milk may significantly affect the absorption of the medicine by the body. As milk is easy to form a cover on the surface of pill, which will cause the calcium, magnesium and other mineral substances in milk will react with the medicine, and form water-insoluble materials, thus affecting the effect of the medicine. Therefore, do not drink milk one hour before or after you taking medicine.

Don't take for granted that drinking milk is not a big deal. If you don't pay attention to the above notices, it may cause serious harms to your body. As a result, keep these tips in mind and be careful when drinking milk.

Ok, di samping tu cik comey nk tambah gak beberapa makanan lain yg xleh dimakan dengan susu dan mengikut diet RAsulullah SAW. Ini sumber cik comey abik dari facebook...
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  • Jangan minum SUSU bersama IKAN
  • Jangan minum SUSUbersama AYAM
  • Jangan minum SUSU bersama CUKA
  • Jangan minum SUSU bersama BUAH
Nota Jari : Minum susu panas waktu malam sebelum tidur mmg baik untuk kesihatan...Tidur lebih lena, bangun lebih cergas.. =)

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